Looking towards the future from a sustainable present
  • Published:
  • Enero 20, 2014

To try to look for more friendly solutions with the environment in the world of Architecture and Engineering is not only an alternative to the means used so far, but a need whether of economic, social or environmental nature.

We must understand our systems in a more rational way and try to minimize their impact on nature.

The key to carry out this important missive is to project and design in a more lasting, sustainable and conscious way, i.e. in a reflexive way, as only then we will have a sustainable future from an ecologic point of view.

At Ingeniería Viva we join the change of model. A change of model that rests on the observation, imitation and development of the model offered by nature itself.

Bioarchitecture and Bioengineering is not a matter of fashion, experimental projects or elites. It is an intelligent way of acting, which in most cases means an important saving on costs, materials and production in comparison with traditional constructions.

A civically possible kind of construction, a commitment to our environment and to our projects.