New sustainable building materials. GAINA.
  • Published:
  • Enero 10, 2014

Recently as result of a professional collaboration, we met the architect Francisco Ales Soto, representative of Gaina, a new material that has surprised us positively and that we would like to share with you.

When we saw the appearance of the insulation Gaina we could not imagine how many properties had this product of only 0,6 mm thick.

We are talking about a fluid material whose appearance is similar to paint and is applied in the same way. A material that among others has the following properties: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, waterproof, breathable, and able to regenerate and purify the air…

There is no doubt that as insulation and taking into account that can also be used as finish material, it seems to be the perfect ally to reduce thickness in walls and roofs, which will mean an asset in interior space and a reduction in the overall cost of the work.

And last but not least, as result of its structural and functional characteristics Gaina is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

For further information about its applications, please visit its web or its Youtube channel.